Profit Split

1 min. readlast update: 02.28.2024

The Profit Split (Simulated Profit Split) is a percentage of the profits that is recieved by the account holder if they have a positive balance of over $50 on an 'FT+ simulated live' account.

The various programs offered may have different profit splits by default. You can see the default profit split on the main table on our homepage. In many cases, the profit split can increase as certain levels of profit are reached in the account. Again, this is also something that can be viewed for each program on the pricing table of main Funded Trading Plus homepage. 

Sometimes, promotional codes offered by Funded Trading Plus can also positively change the initial profit split or profit splits at different levels of the account (different profit targets).

For example if a program has an 80/20 (80%) split, it would mean that the account holder would recieve 80% of any approved withdrawal that is made.

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